About us

UAB Defi Technologies (Excelon Exchange) is a fully regulated financial services institution which offers a digital banking experience to seamlessly manage, transfer, pay with and move between, your traditional money and cryptos.

Employing state of the art technology in onboarding, customer due diligence and transaction monitoring Excelon is fully compliant with digital assets regulations while offering a feature-rich, competitively priced and intuitive user experience.

Our team accumulates immense experience in technology, telecoms, finance and banking to implement athe digital banking solution for the 21st century digital native.

Digital currencies are becoming a reality. Just like electronic money in the 90’s, financial innovation has invented the new form that money will take. The future is digital and Excelon offers you the opportunity to engage and be part of the new norm.

We believe that digital currencies can offer tremendous value to individuals, businesses and institutions as their security and traceability can empower real time transactions 24/7 and fight fraud, scams and money laundering activities.

This is the reason why Excelon Exchange became a fully regulated exchange and wallet institution: to offer its customers an open, convenient and absolutely legitimate banking paradigm of the next generation.

Why Excelon

Our easy, inclusive and regulated solution puts the power back in your hands. The new world of digital assets is now open to you.

Mobile & Web

Fully functional Web interface.
Fully functional Android & iOS apps.
Follows you wherever you go.

Fair Rates

Competitive real time rates.
Minimum to Zero fees.
Any to Any coin pairs.

Unlimited Options

Real time transactions.
Get credit against your assets.
Receive interest on your assets.

Account Security

Two factor Authentication
Session tokenization
GDPR compliant
Private keys segregation and encryption


Financial Security

End-to-end data encryption
Digital assets Cold Wallet with
accredited custodians
Digital assets insurance

Fully Regulated

Authorized digital assets Exchange & Wallet
KYC and AML Complance.

Risk based analysis on all transactions.