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Excelon 2.0 – Is here

We are excited to announce the new – revamped version of EXCELON 2.0 ecosystem as promissed previously.

Our Team has been working heavily on fixing several bugs, increasing functionality, upgrading security and set up a solid roadmap of future developments which will help Excelon to become more flexible to expand with new services, new coins and be fully compliant with current PSD2 and AMLD5 regulations.

This has been a quite intensive journey but we are making it to the end, which will set a new start for future more aggressive and stable development.

Our new Version – Excelon2.0 – is including the following additions.

  • EURO-X is now available for deposits and withdrawals directrly to the Exchange. As announced earlier EURO-X is a Euro pegged coin that is now paired with all cryptos on our Exchange. Users can deposit Euros which will be turned into same amount of EURO-X so they can buy coins. Similarly, users can sell their coins for EURO-X and withdraw their EURO-X into their Bank account or euro wallet. EURO-X is only available to verified users.
  • Significant improvements to speed as several code inconsistencies and Microsoft versions have now been resolved. This will give you a faster and smoother customer journey and get things done in a snap.
  • Significant improvements to usability and design, as we are looking into a hybrid Web/Mobile integration.
  • Additions of security controls that can be customized upon risk and regulation directives. These controls include:
    • E-Money transaction limits for each type of transactions and customer status level (SDD or KYC)
    • Crypto Exchange transaction limits for each integrated coin and customer status level (SDD or KYC). Limits are adjusting automatically to market volatility and liquidity in the market. This way we ensure to provide the best possible rates and transaction volume for our users.
    • Crypto Wallet transaction limits for each integrated coin and customer status level (SDD or KYC). Limits  are applied to different user profiles for compliance reasons.
    • Crypto and Euro-X withdrawals, over a certain amount, are monitored and approved by our operators to ensure that there is no risk of  crypto fraudelent activity. This is to ensure that your crypto are safe and in case a “big” withdawal is ordered to make sure and confirm with the legal owner of the account that they ordered the transaction.
    • Crypto Exchange transaction AML checks for each integrated coin in order to comply with AML directives. To achive this we use a Blockchain Forensic service to check the quality of wallets that transact with Excelon (deposits and withdrawals) to ensure the legitimacy of funds transfered.
  • Launch of Excelon.GO (Android and iOS) app. The new Apps as discussed before will offer the FULL Excelon functionality. Currently they are in the phase of AppStore’s review and very soon they will be released. The Excelon.GO app will not replace the existing apps for a while. Ultimately the curren mobile apps will be replaced by the Excelon.GO when we fell that it is sufficiently optimized and stable.

Overall the current development is a massive step forward for Excelon as it provides us with robustness and scalability to easily add and adjust new functionalities and start promoting our business in a more efficient way.

The development never ends, and very soon we will anounce further additions to our ecosystem which will improve the overall usage and customer satisfaction.

We would like to thank all our Team for making this happen and of course our community of users and friends for supporting us!

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