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Excelon announces the launch of its Crypto Wallet, Earn service and Exchange.

It’s ShowTime !!!

As promised earlier (but delayed due to COVID-19 unprecedented pandemic situation) we are happy to announce the launch of our Excelon Crypto Wallet, Excelon Earn service and Exchange.

The launch will take place on Thursday 7 May and will include the following:


A) Excelon Crypto Wallet for BITCOIN, ETHEREUM and GENE Tokens

Excelon Wallet is a powerfull multicurrency wallet to serve your investment, payment and trading needs.

Its a banking grade – digital assets account that is easy for every user to understand whether novice or expert.

Your digital holdings are valued in real time to Euros so you can have an instant view of your funds’ worth. In tandem with Excelon Exchange and Excelon Mastercard it offers you the unique option to change your digital assets for Euros and spend them instantly!

Excelon offers real time blockchain transfers through its sophisticated and powerful wallet.

You can now send and receive digital currencies to other wallets 24/7 and to make or receive payments from any part of the world!

Initiate payments or transfers with a click, and put your digital assets to use for your everyday needs.

Excelon wallet is a state of the art multicurrency wallet that utilize the highest levels of security standards including encryption, private keys segregation, hot-warm-cold wallets structure.

In addition, Excelon has partnered with accredited custody institutions to safeguard your coins in cold wallets of top security levels with additional insurance protections through a syndicate of specialist insurance underwriters. This premium service comes in at no additional cost!

B) Excelon Earn Service available for BITCOIN, ETHEREUM and GENE Tokens

The Excelon Earn Service offers interest up to 16% to flexible and term crypto deposits.

Check our interest rates at https://godefi.eu/earn. The actual exchange rates may vary depending on market volatility and are adjusted in real time.
We will soon provide a LIVE RATES web page where you can check the active Earnout rates.

Users can now earn interest on their crypto and start earning interest in any coin they wish!

Users depositing BITCOIN, ETHEREUM and GENE Tokens will receive Native Earnouts, or Cross Earnout in GENE Tokens (for now)

Additional info will follow shortly!

C) Excelon Crypto Exchange for BITCOIN, ETHEREUM and GENE Tokens

Now you can Exchange between the three Coins (more to be added soon) in real time.

Due to optimization of our liquidity we promise withdrawals as soon as possible, but with a maximum deadline of 24 hours, for the first 2 weeks of operation

The addition of EURO will take place in the following weeks as we need to finalize some details with payment processors, liquidity providers and Banks.

More news and additions will follow.

We hope you are excited as much as we are here at Excelon! So we have a gift for you!

Signup ASAP to get additional interest earnout of up to +2.5%.


This offer will be available until tomorrow night so hurry up and share the news.