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Excelon at Digital Banking Forum 2019

Excelon announces the launch of Excelon App and E-Banking Service

Excelon announced the launch of its European-wide mobile app and physical card services, with the aim of getting into the center of our day-to-day financial transactions.

Excelon is poised to launch its own disruptive service in the broader financial services market, as its strategic goal is to become the first Blockchain bank globally.

Excelon Chairman, George Koronias’ involvement in Excelon’s venture, adds siginificant value given his long and successful track record at Vodafone, and his experience in attracting investment funds, as well as further staffing of the company that is already underway.

Mr Koronias said:

“Everything started with mobile. From cellphones we are here today talking about Excelon”


Excelon ‘weapons’ are licenses from UK and Estonia and its Mobile App

Excelon was founded in 2018 and is a fully regulated Fintech business with  licenses and partnerships for electronic money transactions, cryptocurrency Exchange and Wallet.

At the same time, Excelon has already deployed (available on Android and soon on iOS, its mobile App which brings IBAN account opening, acquiring Excelon Mastercard, and day-to-day money management by avoiding banking queues and processes. Now everyone can open an account and order their card in less than 3 minutes.

Excelon’s development strategy

Excelon’s strategy is initially developed in three stages – steps and is expected to be fully implemented by the end of this year.

Step One: Mastercard
The first step in Excelon’s deployment strategy, which is now available, involves the issuance of a Mastercard and account opening (IBAN).

It should be noted that the residents of European countries will be able to obtain the Excelon Mastercard card and a European IBAN account, enjoying all the benefits including low fees and total freedom from traditional banks.

Step Two: Crypto Wallet & Exchange
The second step is the launch, in the second half of 2019, of the world’s first Crypto Wallet & Exchange service with these features, as the holder of the Excelon Mastercard will be able to directly convert their Crypto coins into FIAT and vice versa. Competitive advantage of this service is direct transactions, competitive Crypto buying and selling prices and of course the ability to instantly load E-Wallet and Excelon Mastercard with money from Exchange sales.

Step Three: Corporate Accounts
The third step concerns the offering of corporate accounts to European Businesses. Among other things, one of the key benefits of corporate accounts, Excelon, will be low remittances, payroll services as well as a a number of additional services that will be added to the services enjoyed by private customers.

During the 2019 Digital Banking Forum, Excelon co-Founder Nikos Scarlatos said, among other things:
“There is a huge opportunity in the field of digital banking as today’s banking experience through traditional banks to date is often difficult and has many costs. Traditional banks are banning a huge number of customers (135 million only in Europe) and this has to change. At the same time, there seems to be an increasing tendency to use digital money, both through card payments and smartphones. Excelon aims to become the center of digital payments in Europe in terms of both traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies and to be the only application that the user will use daily for his financial transactions and not only. “