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Excelon integrates Hellenic Coin (HNC)

We are excited to announce the upcoming integration of Hellenic Coin (HNC: https://helleniccoin.com) in Excelon Ecosystem.

Excelon (https://excelon.io) will add Hellenic Coin into its secure Crypto Wallet and Crypto Exchange providing a unique experience for crypto enthusiasts to instantly Buy and Sell HNC against EURO.

At the same time they can issue the Excelon IBAN Wallet and Mastercard to use for their everyday needs and make payments at POSs, withdraw cash from ATMs and send or receive money through Wire Transfers.

We consider that this move adds a significant value to Excelon users by exposing them to Hellenic Coin (one of the top digital assets globally and a green blockchain – proof of stake coin).

At the same time the integration, provides a fully regulated and secure wallet – exchange service for all HNC holders and the unique feature to spend their coins in everyday transactions through the Excelon Mastercard and IBAN Wallets.

At the launch, Hellenic Coin will enjoy the following options:

– Instant Buy with Euro, deposited with your card or IBAN account

– Instant Sell for Euro, to spend through your Excelon Mastercard, IBAN Wallet or exchange to other cryptos

– Instant Deposit in Secure Wallet

– Instant Withdraw from Secure Wallet

In the near future additional options will be added such as:

– Staking in Earn Deposits

– Instant Spend in POS

The launch of the Hellenic Coin is scheduled at the end of March 2021.

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