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Excelon Exchange introduces EURO-X (EURx) Stable coin

EURx is a stable coin – a cryptocurrency that has no price volatiliy as other free-floating cryptocurrencies on the exchange markets.

The price of one EURx stable coin is always equal to one Euro. We physically store the amount of the Euro currency equal to the volume of EURx in circulation on a bank account.

You can deposit Euro to Excelon through a bank wire transfer. Your Euros will automatically be exchanged to equal amount of EURx which will be credited on your EURx account at Excelon. The same way, when you request a EURx withdrawal, the EURx will be exchanged to Euro and be sent to your IBAN account.

EURx provides a solution to allow our customers to use a stable price virtual currency for many applications without worrying about unpredictable changes in its price and serve as a store of value for their funds in a private and highly secure manner.

You can use EURx stablecoin to store your funds privately and securely, to buy other cryptocurrency or send funds to other persons instead of using bank wire transfer, at a significally lower fee cost that banks.

– EURx will provide an active trading pair with all Cryptocurrency listed on our Exchange
– EURx will be available to verified Excelon users (KYC) and is subject to all AML regulations
– EURx will currently be available only within the Excelon environment and is not available over blockchain or any other exchange.
– EURx acts as a utility coin for the Excelon Ecosystem
– EURx will be included in the Earn Deposits functionality providing a fixed or variable earn-out option to those who chose to deposit them.
– EURx is already available to our closed beta users and will be commercially launched on Thursday 14th of January 2020.