One wallet for all your coins

Powerful, multicurrency wallet to serve your investment, payment and trading needs.

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A powerfull digital money account

The account that respects your funds!

Excelon is more than just a blockchain wallet.

Its a banking grade – digital assets account that is easy for every user to understand whether novice or expert.

Your digital holdings are valued in real time to Euros so you can have an instant view of your funds’ worth. In tandem with Excelon Exchange and Excelon Mastercard it offers you the unique option to change your digital assets for Euros and spend them instantly!


Earn interest on your assets

Tired of bank zero or negative interest rates?

Look no further. Your Excelon account will pay you interest on your idle assets.

Earn up to 16% p.a. on your Digital Assets!

While your deposits are held in a highly secure – regulated custodian and are insured by a syndicate of specialist insurance underwriters, we will pay you interest on your idle assets!

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Get credit against your digital assets

Do you need cash but you don’t want to sell your digital holdings?

Look no further. Your Excelon exchange account will give you this extra liquidity is secured by your digital assets.

A simple, convenient and fast cash advance facility, anytime you want, no questions asked!



Digital currency payments and transfers

Send and receive digital currencies

Excelon offers real time blockchain transfers through its sophisticated and powerful wallet.

You can now send and receive digital currenciesto other wallets 24/7 and to make or receive payments from any part of the world!

Initiate payments or transfers with a click, and put your digital assets to use for your everyday needs.



Your digital assets are safe!

Excelon wallet is a state of the art multicurrency wallet that utilize the highest levels of security standards including encryption, private keys segregation, hot-warm-cold wallets structure.

In addition, Excelon has partnered with accredited custody institutions to safeguard your coins in cold wallets of top security levels with additional insurance protections through a syndicate of specialist insurance underwriters. This premium service comes in at no additional cost!


Fully Regulated Wallet


Excelon Exchange is a digital currency wallet licensed and fully regulated.

All transactions are filtered against potential malicious money laundering practices to protect our users from any criminal threat.

Storing and transacting your digital assets through Excelon Exchange protects you from any regulatory threats as we ensure that all transactions and participants are verified for their legality against the latest AML directives.

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